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Dec. 21st, 2005 @ 11:43 pm Ottawa Writer's Group
Hey everyone , I never post on livejournal but I used to run a writer's group (with a friend) called the alternative authors consortium. I took it down about 2 years ago and sadly i hadn't done anything to bring it back to life. Now it's back but in different terms it's now called the House of Lawful Green Consortium. It's basically just a forum for people to post alternative writing . I know ottawa is full of great writers so now it's time to show your stuff. I hope all of you will find this a great place to put your work and find other individuals who are like minded in poetry and prose. you can log onto the site through www.lawfulgreen.com. Thanks to all who visit and seasons greetings. It's new so bear with me as i get everything set up. Plus my grammar is horrible so anybody who wants to nit and pick are free to do so. I need help without my friend who used to run it with me i am at a huge loss because she was an excellent source of help
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